Third Annual History Day = Thursday!

History Day Blog PosterEver wondered what historians do?  Why it might be useful, even valuable, to study history?

Join us this Thursday, the 20th of February, in the Campbell Multipurpose Room!

Events begin at  will explore how historians think about issues of contemporary importance.  We will get a taste of what members of the Fordham community are studying.  We will learn how history can get you a JOB.  (We are not kidding about that!)

And there will be free food!  All day. You can find the full annotated schedule below…

History Day Blog PosterEvents begin at 11:30 am with a panel on the Reception of US Power.  Four historians will use the perspectives gleaned from years of thinking about how the world has lived with the US.  In this panel, then we will explore how thinking with history is an essential tool for understanding the world in which we live.

From 1:15 – 2:15, Fordham Undergraduates will present on their research, highlighting the vitality our community.  Four undergrads will present work on New York City, the Reunification of Germany, and Art Nouveau.  Come see what your fellow students are doing!

2:30-3:40 is “Recovering Narratives, Making History – From the Archives to the Page.” The members of our third panel – Nicholas Paul, Grace Shen, Doron Ben-Atar, and Elizabeth Kuhl – will be unpacking the history book.  They will highlight the process in which professional historians turn lifeless sheaves of paper into windows on humans and their societies far and near.  The problems they face will sometimes be familiar, sometimes novel.

From 3:50-5:00 we’ll talk about History and the Job Market. Career services has organized a discussion about how the skills learned here can be used – and marketed – after graduation.

Craig WilderFinally, at 6:00 pm, Craig Wilder, a professor from MIT and a Fordham grad, will give a lecture on “How Slavery Shaped Schools: Northern Opposition to Black Education in Pre-Civil War America.” For more on Professor Wilder’s lecture, click here.

NOTE: Professor Wilder’s lecture at 6pm will take place in the Flom Auditorium, in the Walsh Library, not in the Campbell Multipurpose Room!

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