Prize-Winning Article Appears in Portuguese Collection

40098While it is not unusual for books to appear in translation, especially if they are in a second printing or edition, it is much less common for articles to be translated, especially so soon after their original publication. It is a mark of the importance of the scholarship within Yuko Miki’s prize-winning article  “Fleeing into Slavery: The Insurgent Geographies of Brazilian Quilombolas (Maroons), 1880-1881″ that it has been published in translation only two years after its original publication in the journal The Americas 68:4 (2012). The article, translated by Miki and Giovana Xavier, has now appeared in Flávio Gomes and Petrônio Domingues, eds, POLÍTICAS DA RAÇA: Experiências e legados da abolição e da pós-emancipação no Brasil (São Paulo: Selo Negro, 2014). The department is thrilled to hear that Miki’s scholarship will now be available to a larger audience of scholars in Brazil!

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