Johnathan Pettinato (PhD Fordham, 2014) to Teach at The College of Wooster

Dr. Johnathan Pettinato

Dr. Johnathan Pettinato, a May 2014 graduate of the Fordham History Department’s doctoral program, has recently accepted an appointment as Visiting Assistant Professor of British History at The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.  He will be teaching five courses over the next year.  Three of these courses will be traditional lecture courses on western civilization, Tudor and Stuart Britain, and Modern Britain.  The two remaining courses will be first-year, writing-intensive seminars on the British Empire.  Every student at Wooster must take one of these seminars in which they initiate, develop, and complete an individualized research project.  In addition to his teaching duties, he will mentor several seniors throughout the year as they write their theses.  Each senior at Wooster must complete a thesis as part of the Independent Study Program.  These theses are then presented at a day-long, college-wide research symposium at the end of the spring semester.  He will also act as reader on other theses being mentored in the department.  Following his graduation last May, Johnathan held two full-time appointments at Fordham University: as Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in the History Department for Fall 2014 and as Lecturer in the English Department for Spring 2015.

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