PhD Student Pedro Cameselle Wins Fulbright

Congratulations to Fordham History PhD student Pedro Cameselle, who has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright grant to fund his doctoral research in Uruguay.


PhD student Pedro Cameselle

Pedro Cameselle will travel to Uruguay on a Fulbright IIE Grant (2014-2015) to continue his dissertation research on Uruguay-United States relations during the Franklin D. Roosevelt era. At the Biblioteca Nacional in Montevideo, Pedro will inspect over ten years of newspapers, periodicals, and congressional reports to investigate the cultural and political values tied to the image of FDR and his foreign policy. His aim is to gauge the influence these and other cultural meanings had on Uruguayan views of the United States and on foreign relations. He will also explore inter-American diplomatic correspondence in archival collections in Uruguay and Argentina.


While his mutiarchival research in the United States, Uruguay, and Argentina suggests a far-reaching project, his dissertation sharpens the focus on the failed U.S. attempt to secure military bases in the River Plate region. By analyzing the reasons U.S. continental defense strategies in Uruguay encountered such resistance despite FDR’s unprecedented popularity, Pedro hopes to generate a more complex view of Uruguay-U.S. relations, that takes into account cultural factors. In doing so, his dissertation will provide a more clear understanding of how inter-American politics of the period were facilitated or disrupted as they intersected other local and transnational historical processes.


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