Events: History Day 2014

Ever wondered what historians do?  Why it might be useful, even valuable, to study history?

So did we.

We are excited to announce that on the 20th of February (that’s a Thursday) in the Campbell Multipurpose Room, we will be hosting the Third Annual History Day.  We will explore how historians think about issues of contemporary importance, how those history books you are forced to read come into existence.  We will get a taste of what members of the Fordham community – undergrads, graduate students, and faculty members – have done to advance historical understanding.  We will learn how history can get you a JOB.  We are not kidding about that.

And free food.

Last Year's History Day

Last Year’s History Day (artist’s rendering)


Schedule of Events:


I.  Reception of US Power

Chris Dietrich

Hector Lindo-Fuentes

Carina Ray

Louie Valencia


II.  Undergraduate Research at Fordham:

Patrick Jerry, “David Dinkins and Conflict Resolution”

Chloe Jenkins, “Saving the Soul of the Subway”

Allison Burns, “Art Nouveau: Between Nature and Machine”

Richard Bordelon, “’Yes, of course there are problems…’ Margaret Thatcher’s Objection to German Reunification and its Effects”


 2:30- 3:40

III.  Recovering Narratives, Making History – From the Archives to the Page

Nick Paul

Grace Shen

Doron Ben-Atar

Elizabeth Kuhl


IV.  History and the Job Market

Alumni and Career Services


V.  Craig Wilder Lecture


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