Craig Steven Wilder, our History Day Keynote Speaker

WilderatSt.Johns3_The History Department is excited to welcome back Fordham College Alum Craig Wilder, who will deliver the keynote address at our Third Annual History Day. His talk is entitled: “How Slavery Shaped Schools: Northern Opposition to Black Education in Pre-Civil War America.” The talk will beheld on Thursday, February 20, at 6PM in Flom Auditorium on the Rose Hill Campus.   Ebony_and_Ivy__08001_zoomProfessor Wilder is chair of the history department at MIT.  His most recent book is Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities (New York: Bloomsbury, 2013), which was profiled in The New York Times. He is also the author of In the Company of Black Men: The African Influence on African American Culture in New York City (New York: New York University Press, 2001/2004); and A Covenant with Color: Race and Social Power in Brooklyn (New York: Columbia University Press, 2000/2001.

And you can watch Professor Wilder discuss his work with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

If you are a Fordham alum who would like to attend the talk, you can RSVP here.

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