History Major Publishes in Fordham Political Review

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_facebook_bannerHistory major Dylan DeMartino has long been interested in international economics and Latin America.  He combined hose interests to produce an article in the most recent Fordham Political Review.


Dylan writes:

“After becoming interested in the economic development of Latin America due to 1- it’s historic economic connection to the United States from the Monroe Doctrine to NAFTA and beyond , and 2- the presence of several important resource rich nations in the LA-7, I felt that examining why some of them ( Brazil and Chile ) were doing better than others ( Venezuela and Argentina) would form a good basis for the exploration of the question of what sort of impact a commodity export centric economic growth platform could have on development outside of traditionally lopsided models like the rentier states in MENA
The international affairs editor and I felt that  a need exists within the content creation  nexus of the Fordham Political Review for voices to discuss Latin American  development and politics for some time in order for the publication to authoritatively cover a broader scope of issues. Many of the students who write regularly for FPR are very interested in domestic politics, China, or MENA area fields so I felt that rather than writing another article about China or exploring a Eurasian or MENA issue that writing about the LA-7 would be useful to the Fordham community I have assumed the new position since the article’s publication of Latin American regional editor for the publication.

I hope that all Fordham Students particularly history students strive to become more involved with this publication. Students of history, are more likely  to be aware of or able to effectively discover and write authoritatively on  some of the more nuanced factors that play into the political and economic issues discussed in many of these articles.”

You can read Dylan’s article here.


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