Dr. Kirsten Swinth Discusses “Having It All”

Dr. Kirsten Swinth enjoyed a packed crowd earlier this month as she spoke about her upcoming book, “Having it All:” Feminist Struggles over Work and Family, 1963 – 1978 (Harvard University Press, 2018). The book comments on the challenges that working professionals have faced as they have sought to build a career while raising a family from the 1970s through the present. She also discussed these challenges as they pertain to graduate students, who are seeking to raise families in today’s social and economic climate.


After the talk, Dr. Swinth fielded questions from graduate and undergraduate students in attendance who enjoyed not only the concerns raised by the forthcoming book, but some provided Halloween candy! For more information take a look at Dr. Swinth’s own explanation here.


Check out Dr. Swinth’s book when it hits shelves in 2018!

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